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Velcro Hook - Black

Velcro Hook - Black

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A part of the VELCRO Brand hook and loop fastener system, the #88 "hook" (male) portion is covered in small, stiff hooks. This woven tape fastener engages with the #1000 "loop" (female) section that features small, soft loops. When combined, the two mating strips make an adjustable, highly versatile, and secure closure.

The VELCRO Brand tape's lightweight, nylon construction provides high strength, stability, and hassle-free care. The unique self-gripping system eliminates the need for snaps, rings, or buckles. Uses for these strips include cushion placement, indoor/outdoor functions, marine fastening, clothing, recreational gear, tying, wrapping and bundling, straps, and more.

VELCRO Brand nylon hook tape #194144 has a 3/4-inch width and is offered in black. It can be sewn on or heat sealed.

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