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Dritz Fashion Grommet Tools

Dritz Fashion Grommet Tools

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The Dritz® fashion grommet tools are hand tools for applying Dritz® ½” fashion grommets. Package includes 1 anvil and 1 setter.

  1. Mark position of grommet by tracing around inside opening of grommet. Cut hole with scissors. Note: For fabrics with stretch, cut hole smaller than inside opening of grommet.
  2. Insert grommet (deep half) into hole from right to wrong side of fabric. Place anvil on a hard surface. Position grommet on anvil.
  3. Place insert over center of grommet.
  4. Place washer, dome side up, over insert.
  5. Insert setter into grommet; hammer using 2 or 3 forceful taps. Center of grommet will roll over to secure grommet and provide a smooth finish.

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