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Our Classroom

Posted by Simina Mattoo on

We are super excited to introduce our sewing classroom at the store! When I was first considering opening a fabric store I also wanted to be able to teach sewing lessons. We were very lucky to find a space that had a front & back room. Ideally, I wanted the classroom to be separate from the store and we stumbled upon the perfect space.

For a while, we used our back space as storage for fabric rolls until we could get boxes made to put our Broadcloth, Crepe & Velvets in. Once we emptied out the back it made it a lot easier to visualize how we were going to layout the classroom.

Some features of our classroom include:

- 8 Desks & BONUS they don't shake when you're sewing!

- 4 Outlets suspending down from the ceiling: this reduces tripping hazards in the classroom 

- Bright Lighting: This is something we get complimented on a lot!

- Free WiFi

- Bathroom

- Kitchen 



Our classroom can be used for the following:

- Sewing Classes/Lessons

- Quilting Classes

- Drop-In Sewing: This can be done individually or with a group of up to 6 people! It costs $10/person.

- Birthday Parties (Sewing Parties) 

- As a Rental Space

If you're interested in sewing classes & are a beginner, it is definitely worth it taking a beginner or one-on-one lesson as you will learn the basics such as parts of your sewing machine, how to thread the machine, practice sewing & a final project.

If you'd like to do a drop in just send me an e-mail, give a call or visit in person to book a date & time. 

We are excited to see the many creations that will happen in the classroom & hope you like our set-up!

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