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Velcro Loop - Black

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A part of the VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fastener system, the #1000 "loop" (female) part supplies small, soft loops. This woven tape fastener joins with a #88 "hook" (male) section that's covered in small, stiff hooks. When pressed together, the two mating strips create an adjustable, highly versatile, and secure closure.

The VELCRO® Brand tape's lightweight, nylon design provides high strength and easy care. The acrylic adhesive backing grips firmly to a range of surfaces. The exclusive self-gripping technique eliminates the need for rings, buckles, or snaps. Applications for these adhesive strips include mounting and adhering to walls and other surfaces, indoor/outdoor functions, marine fastening, cushion placement, clothing, and other industrial purposes. VELCRO® Brand nylon loop tape #190911 has a 3/4-inch width and comes in black

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