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Sew Anonymous Labels: The Slow Life Multipack

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100% cotton labels.  

Each label is made to help complete your sustainable fashion makes.

SALabels researched a lot into this product, even down to the packaging to make a conscious effort to provide a label that helps you celebrate your journey in sustainable fashion choices.  

 Packaging is 100% eco-friendly and recyclable. 

About the labels

Each pack contains 6 labels

  • 2 x Sustainably MADE
  • 2 x Consciously MADE
  • 2 x Tortoise and Hanger

 These labels are end folded with a 1/4 inch seam fold on each end. They can be sewn inside your garments for a nice tucked away little surprise or proudly shown off stitched into the garment's outside seam.


4.5 cm x 1cm end fold labels with a 1/4" (5mm) seam allowance on each end.

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