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Echo Guides - Set of 3 Sizes

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WESTALEE DESIGN Ensemble echo guide rond
Did you know?
Echo quilting has never been easy for machine quiters- can be hit and miss - with the Westalee Guides Echo quilting is perfect everytime!
Echo Around any Westalee Template for a Unique Design

The echo quilting around applique Shapes adds drama and a sense of movement.
Applique blocks are perfect candidates for echo quilting.
Each of these echo guides fits onto the Westalee ruler foot, to create a perfect circle that can be used to echo quilt around a shape with accuracy.
How it works:
Firmly attach the guide around your ruler foot then line up the template you are echoing with the last stitched lines and stitch
Work counter clockwise around your quilted design
Includes three guides: 1/2" 3/4" 1"

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